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Tuesday March 9, 2010

The News Corp chairman has reportedly done much to resist the march of time, including regularly dyeing his hair in the sink. Murdoch's hair has been the subject of a surprising amount of commentary, most recently from his biographer Michael Wolff, who observed the billionaire's thinning thatch tends to veer wildly in colour from "flaming orange" to "aubergine". But Murdoch, who turns 79 on Thursday, might not have to nip down to the chemist for hair dye for much longer, judging by his chrome-domed appearance on the Oscars red carpet next to his much younger wife Wendi Deng.According to Wolff's book, The Man Who Owns the News, Prudence MacLeod, Murdoch's daughter from his first marriage, told the mogul: "Dad, I understand about dyeing the hair and the age thing. Just go somewhere proper."But, she told Wolff, he "insists on doing it over the sink because he doesn't want anybody to know. Well, hello! Look in the mirror."Murdoch can seek comfort in the reported $700 million News Corp will reap from the James Cameron blockbuster, Avatar the highest grossing movie in history.

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